Observe with open curiosity, humility and a sense of humour, always with an attitude of kindness to ourselves

what is the resilient human project?

The Resilient Human Project is a space created to share skills and practice to develop and explore emotional resilience skills. In our programs we offer tools to respond effectively to some of the biggest problems humans face in the in the XXI st century. How can we deal with stress and anxiety in a fast paced world? How can we go from reacting to life event to responding to them in a healthy way? How can we possibly overcome trauma and addiction if we haven’t been taught how to recognise and integrate difficult emotions? How do we take care of our mental health?  How do we move in our bodies to keep it healthy for life?

The tRHp arose out of a personal experience by Geoffrey Molloy a journey of many years, to integrate the traumas of an unfortunate childhood. It is the result of this experience after working for over 25 years helping others mainly with addictions, trauma, and stress management.

our vision

To create positive change in the world by inspiring others to incorporate resilient skills and perceptions in an easy, accessible, down to the earth way.

To live better, feel more connected and happy in the daily lives.

“We do not choose nor can we control many of the events in our lives, but with the correct perception and attitude we can consciously respond to our lives rather than unconsciously react to it. When we do this, we open the door to change”

What is the main problem?

A recent study at a European level ** showed that more than 70% of visits to the family doctor are related directly or indirectly to unhealthy stress. Although most people are aware that too much stress can lead to panic attacks, depression and burnout, most of these patients had no idea that stress was the cause of their discomfort. They were looking for relief from their physical symptoms;

This is a direct result of our lack of inadequate preparation (both evolutionary and educational). Our education, from kindergarten to university is focused almost exclusively upon the rational mind. Very little time, thought or training is given to developing the skills of the intuitive/observing mind, the relationship with our physical bodies or the understanding and management of our emotions.

What can we do about it?

We can develop our resilience skills; rediscover and skilfully use the intuitive/observing mind, improve our emotional intelligence by improving our relationship with our physical/subtle bodies; we can learn to forgive, to be kind to of ourselves, to improve our connection with our lives and the lives of others.

The Team





We aim to help others by sharing these practices, in a sustainable down to the earth way. The main team is comprised of a group of professionals, specialists in their own field. These are: overcoming trauma; addiction, nutrition; psychology; physical education and various movement practices.

Meet the team in their own words