We aim to help others by sharing these practices, in a sustainable down to the earth way. The main team is comprised of a group of professionals, specialists in their own field. These are: overcoming trauma; addiction, nutrition; psychology; physical education and various movement practices.

Meet the team in their own words

Geoffrey Molloy

Founder and creator TRHP and Vivir Despiert SL – Author of several books on addiction, meditation teacher and public speaker.

I consider myself a resilient person. Skills I acquired out of necessity, initially to overcome serious childhood traumas which included many different types of abuse, much of it within a conflict zone, which later led to the use of chemicals drugs. 

Working and studying in the Orient in such countries India, China, Japan I overcame much of my own difficulties with addiction and trauma. Since 1995 I have helped people free themselves from addictions and redirect their lives; initially with nicotine, later alcohol and cocaine amongst others. I am also a meditation teacher with a particular focus on overcoming family/childhood trauma/abuse. 

Rhea Sivi


Kiira Sivi

BSc in nutrition science, trained in Circus arts, contemporary dance and Hatha yoga

I combine my studies and work as a nutritionist alongside teaching and studding yoga, and other forms of movement. For the past years I have being co –crating and organizing workshops, seminars, retreats, which seek to promote health and human resilience in a sustainable and respectful way. After finishing my studies in circus arts and dance, I  became more interested in somatic and other movement practices; this led me to find different teachers that inspire me to the day. I am Responsible of the Physical & Cognitive practice and during the intensives you will also find me in the kitchen co-designing the delicious menus together with Rhea and our lovely kitchen crew.

Instagram: @kiirasivi – @tibukeskitchen

Charlie Roth

Bcs of sports science and the science of physical activity–

Teacher of various movement practices – Trainer at the Bamboo Body Barcelona. After being exposed to various sports while growing up and earning my Bcs in sports science I wanted to find ways to train my body and mind using a more holistic approach, without being too sports specific. During that journey one part of my learning process was self-taught, but I would also receive a lot of valuable insight and information from several inspiring teachers, such as Ido Portal, Joseph Bartz, Fighting Monkey and Tom Weksler. When I’m teaching my aim is to share my passion for this practice with other people and to facilitate them tools, so they can acquire more freedom on a physical and mental level

Instagram: @carlesroth

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