Ideas for the summer holidays

Holidays are a great time to be with ourselves and to be with others, to practice mindfulness, meditation, gratitude and listening.

I’m right

A question I often ask of a group is the following: “What is most important to you, to be right, or to be happy?” People look at me like the question is a “no brainer” as they answer, “to be happy of course!”  I then ask, “how do you behave in your everyday life? The answer is usually accompanied by a smile of realization as they reply, “To be right”. The thing that the ego hates the most is to not be right. So much discord is created by the ego’s need to be right. We are all guilty of this. I certainly am. For example, you are arguing with…

Really listen

Seek to understand before seeking to be understood. This means…  Listen, really listen. This means… your only desire is to understand. This means… not trying to give a solution. This means… not trying to think of an answer. This means… being fully present with all your senses dedicated to listening. This means… your posture is open, listening. This means… seeking clarification if you lose concentration or don’t understand. This means… with compassion – an open heart. This is an act of love.