Founder and creator of Vivir Despierto SL and TRHP Author off health conscious food, specialised in helping people free themsel- ves from addiction, public speaker.

Mother to five adults and grandmother of 5 grandchildren. Thankful to be alive, in perfect health, in 1995 we set up together with Geo- ffrey the brand and company in Spain “Es fácil… ¡si sabes cómo!” (It’s easy if you know how) pro- viding stop-smoking, alcohol, food education and emotional resilience programmes in more than 700 corporations an d to private indivi- duals. Rather immodestly I point out that this is quite a feat, considering Spain is one of the most difficult places to set up a business and that we have done this in another language.

Nowadays, I am mostly responsible for the commercial role of visiting companies and helping people to stop smoking. I am also the chief cook in the retreats we offer on our farm in Cantabria.

Any free time I spend walking either in the beautiful countryside or on beaches near to our home. Ah yes! And eating… I love food!

“The most important thing is to observe with open curiosity, humility and a sense of humour, always with an attitude of kindness to ourselves.”