BSc in nutrition science, trained in Circus arts, contemporary dance and Yoga.

I combine my studies and work as a nutritio- nist alongside teaching and studding yoga, and other forms of movement. For the past years I have been co- creating and organizing workshops, seminars, retreats, which seek to promote health and human resilience in a sustainable and respectful way.

After finishing my studies in circus arts and dance, I became more interested in somatic and other movement practices, this led me to find different teachers that inspire me to the day, Linda and Joseph (Fighting Monkey) Olga Alvarez, Bonnie Bainbridge ( Body mind centring), Sebastián Arbondo ( Ashtanga – Vinyasa yoga), Emmet Louise, amongst other. I am Responsible of the yoga & movement practice and during the intensives you will also find me in the kitchen co-designing the delicious menus together with Rhea and our lovely kitchen crew.


“I think about food probably about 80% of the time, but still I find this fascinating, all the complexity before and behind
a bite of food, soo maybe the next time you decide to bite into your food, try to be aware of all these amazing actions taking part.”