Emotional resilience tools to experience more happiness and less suffering

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The Resilient Human project provides evidence based tools, practices and perceptions to help you strengthen your emotional, mental and physiological “Immune systems”. It is for anyone who is looking to live a more centred, joyful and productive life.

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Geoffrey Molloy

What is Resilience and what can it do for you?

Resilience is about finding a right perception and a right attitude to incorporate into your life, in both good times and bad, a way to overcome difficult situations and learn from adversity.   Basic to keep on track anyone’s mental health, it is about creating a greater sense of peace in your heart, a deeper connection with your life and an expanding sense of positive wellbeing.

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All humans want to be happy and avoid suffering

We cannot create happiness in our lives; we can only create conditions that favour its manifestation. Developing the skills of the intuitive/observing mind, the relationship with our physical bodies and the understanding and management of our emotions are fundamental to emotional intelligence, our sense of happiness and wellbeing. However, most have not been trained in these skills.

Our intensive  courses  will equip you with emotional resilient skills which will not only help you manage and overcome adverse situations but also live with a greater sense of happiness and a growing confidence in your own capabilities.

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