geoffrey molloy

Founder and creator TRHP and Vivir Despiert SL – Author of several books on addiction, me- ditation teacher and public speaker.

I consider myself a resilient person. Skills I ac- quired out of necessity, initially to overcome se- rious childhood traumas which included many different types of abuse, much of it within a war conflict zone, which later led to the use of che– micals drugs.

Working and studying in the Orient in such countries India, China, Japan I overcame much of my own difficulties with addiction and trau– ma. Since 1995 I have helped people free them- selves from addictions and redirect their lives; initially with nicotine, later alcohol and cocaine amongst others. I am also a meditation teacher with a particular focus on overcoming family/ childhood trauma/abuse.

“One thing I do know is that we are conscious and that our consciousness

is always connected, always observing. Meditation is the best way I know to remove distractions and improve perception.”