Context is important

When you live aware of the context you are naturally drawn to a state of mindful awareness imbued with gratitude.


an addiction

The magic of being a granddad

Being a granddad is something that I never really imagined.Children are great teachers, inviting us to connect once again with the present moment.




All attachment arises out of ignorance of the true nature of things.



A loved one – problems with alcohol – refuses to acknowledge it – What can I do?

Three possible approaches to help a loved one acknowledge their problem with alcohol and how to solve it.



Solutions for anxious moments

Some ideas and actions that you can take for anxious moments



The lonely wave

We are all like that wave, suffering the persistent illusion of separateness. In reality, we are no more separate from the universe than the wave is separate from the sea.


Stick with the practice

Stick with the practice not the feeling

Stick with the practice of the mindfulness, not the feeling. Get a teacher, get your practices identified.



Resistence is futile

What you resist, persists. Resistance is useless. Instead of resisting or avoiding it, we allow a space for the feeling to simply be.


your story

You are your story also you are not your story

Changing your story is uncomfortable because it requires you to take responsibility for your feelings and actions, but the rewards are inmense.