Happiness in fresh bed-sheets

To experience happiness, wonder and conection with what is around us, we just have to get out of our own way.


simply living

Simple Living

The accumulation of material wealth does not make us happy. Living more simply means that we need much less in order to live well.



Do you smoke or drink because you have self-destructive tendencies?

We don´t keep on smoking or drinking because of self-destructive tendencies. It’s fear that keeps us hooked – fear of stopping and fear of carrying on.




Frustration, impatience, gripping, squeezing tension; feeling as if you might explode with rage. Does that sound familiar?  Welcome to the club. Anger is within the normal range of human emotions. Evolution has given us the emotion of anger to hel …



Self-esteem, ego and the future

For the past thirty years or so we have been bombarded with the importance of self-esteem. Self-esteem became a buzzword. As is often the case we, as a society, became obsessed with the result and not the process. This has given rise to well-intentione …



Envy – a painful waste of time

I want to share with you these things I have learned: Everyone you meet is fighting a battle about which you know nothing. Everyone is suffering. Also… Most suffering, most of the time is self-inflicted. It arises out of ignorance of the real nature of …


Body Wisdom

Body Wisdom

Our society and our education system offer next to nothing with regard to mental health and emotional intelligence. Instead we are force-fed like fois geese − not with grain but with facts. Not surprisingly, just like the geese, we become ill. Approxim …


Grasping aversion and delusion

Grasping, aversion and delusion

So much suffering is caused aversion and grasping. It arises out of our instinctive reaction to grasp whatever we perceive as happy or pleasant experiences whilst avoiding or rejecting uncomfortable or unpleasant experiences. When things go well, we wa …


Open curiosity

January – Open Curiosity, kindness to yourself and a sense of humour

I will start with this wonderful Buddhist story that goes like this: Two monks were sitting at the side of the road when another monk atop a horse galloped by. “Where are you going?” shouted the monks to the rider, “Ask the horse” came the reply. Have …