Some facts about alcoholism and Alcohol

You may have heard of the Golden Rule: "He who hath the gold, makes the rules." What this means in practice is that our beliefs about alcohol are distorted. In our society an 18-year old youngster will have already been exposed to 100,000 examples of alcohol advertising – all with the intention of hooking you and keeping you hooked. Make you drink alcohol. All the explanations I give here have been sourced from reputable independent, scientific, medical bodies. There is no such thing as an alcoholic, nor the disease alcoholism:There is no other drug in which users are categorised as normal and diseased. For example, we do not have normal…

Big Tobacco profits are on the rise. How is this even posible?

The tobacco industry is the most successful business enterprise in the history of human civilization as well as being the most deadly. Smoking rates have been falling in many parts of the world for decades but the industry is earning more money than ever.

Ego run wild

So much suffering is caused by when we try to live up to an imaginary or idealised self. Happiness, fulfilment is and always will be based on an authentic relationship with ourselves.

So back to work …what joy!

After those weeks or days of relaxing, walking, sailing or whatever is our thing, probably with sun, sea, mountains, good food, good friends, we are once again in our place of work. Last Sunday evening the roads leading from Cantabria were clogged with holiday-makers returning home as late as possible, desperately trying to make the most of the last few hours of beach or mountain. Many will arrive at work with sand between their toes (and in other places). For the first day or two, work can feel disorienting. A few years ago a business asked me if I could deliver a course to help their workers with post-vacation depression…

Crises – A part of growing up!

When we are in a crisis we are so lost in our thoughts, in our suffering that we lose sight of the bigger picture; it is actually a wonderful opportunity for change, for something different.

Be Mindful – Do One thing at a time

Doing one thing at a time is an excellent way to improve your productivity. As a former believer in multitasking, I know how difficult it is to let go of the idea of multitasking; to do so feels counter-intuitive. I was raised with the idea that multitasking is the most productive way of working and what is more, it’s cool. Multitasking can certainly give us the sensation that we’re getting a lot done - an agreeable feeling of feeling busy, even of feeling important. However, studies invariably show that the reverse is true; when we multitask we tend to be less efficient. The myth of multitasking It is physically impossible…

Wow – What lungs!

Breathing is very important; you cannot leave home without it! Death happens when you breath out, then don’t breath in afterwards. Simple and powerful. Our lungs are amazing; like our hearts, they never stop working, never rest our whole lives. Our breathing changes when we need it to. It deepens, it speeds up, it slows down. It requires no conscious intervention on our part. Our breathing responds in real time to events and our thoughts about the events around us. Each breath delivers oxygen to every cell of our bodies. Marvellous!  A fact I learned as a child is that if you were to lay out your lungs flat on…

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