Spring is here

So get out into nature. Take daily walks. If you are in a city get out into the countryside. If that isn’t possible, go to a park and simply be.


I should feel different to how I feel

I should feel different to how I feel

Thinking that we should feel different to how we feel is the cause of so much unhappiness. Feelings are not problems to be resolved; rather…


The guest-house

The guest-house

Peace in my heart does not mean my life is free of problems or uncomfortable feelings. It is just that the peace is large enough to contain them all.



Humility is a strength; it is a superpower

Humility is to accept our frailties, faults, and limitations with kindness. This way we are able to think well of ourselves.


Feelings or emotions

Feelings or emotions?

Emotions tend to be immediate, short-lived and in response to a stimulus in the present moment. Feelings tend to be sustainable and are the result of layered emotional experience.


Guilt or Remorse

Guilt or Remorse

Guilt is an egocentric and pointless emotion. It creates a great deal of suffering without achieving anything. We don’t learn, instead stay stuck in the dark, gooey, claustrophobic self-flagellation feeling of guilt. Remorse by contrast allows us to face our mistakes, recognise and accept our part, and take steps to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. We learn, we grow and avoid creating unnecessary suffering.


to find your purpose

How to find your purpose – your passion

Passion is not a precondition to finding purpose.



Tomatoes and meditation

In order to manage anxiety, fear and sadness, best to practice meditation, mindfulness and other tools every day.


not drinking

Try not drinking for a while

Try not drinking for a while. For many drinkers it has given them an opportunity to re-assess their relationship with alcohol.