It’s not about you, so get over yourself

Before getting offended, let go of the need of the ego to be right. The objective is to truly listen and understand other points of view.



Love is our natural state

The Love I am talking about is best described by “Metta”. Metta arises out of generosity; it is kindness and caring, to desire the very best for all beings.



Compassion – the life changing attitude and practice

Empathy may make you aware of another’s suffering. Compassion is something we should and must cultivate.


an addiction

What can I do when I accept that I have an addiction?

I’m addicted. What can I do? 11 steps you can take to free yourself from any addiction – be it alcohol, nicotine, cocaine…



Don’t try to change; instead, observe

Change will only come about when we let go of forcing change. Change arises naturally once we really accept that we cannot change.


Uncertain times

Uncertain times

Uncertain times: too much change in too short a period of time.



Getting stressed about your stress?

Stress then is not something that we should avoid, but rather something that we need to learn to manage without fear. When we maintain our stress levels at the adequate level, then stress really does become our friend.



Retirement….Feeling lost?

If you worry about feeling lost in your retirement here are some ideas to help you enjoy this chapter in your life.



Take courage

Courage is fundamental virtue. It gives power to all the other virtues.