Take courage

Courage is fundamental virtue. It gives power to all the other virtues.



We all have at least one addiction – which is yours?

One definition of addiction: to continue a behaviour, in spite of the damage it is doing and often against your rational judgement.


Trauma and addiction

Trauma and addiction

We often hear talk of trauma; we often hear talk of addiction. The two conditions have important connections.



What is compassion?

Compassion starts with the idea that all beings want to be happy and free of suffering.


Unsung Heroes

The Unsung Heroes

The unsung heroes are mothers, especially single mothers, who despite their suffering and workload, provide love and care to their children.


Addiction and shame

Addiction and shame

Toxic shame can lead us to addiction and if we do not treat it, it can pass from generation to generation.



I want peace in my heart

we do not have to look for peace and happiness “out there”, just learn how to get out of own way to connect with what we always have within ourselves.



Inter-being – by Thich Nhat Hanh

To inter-be and the action of inter-being reflects reality. We inter-are with one another and with all life.



Spring is in the air

Spring teaches us a lot about love and connection. That is happiness. Happiness and sadness can co-exist; they are not opposites.