Take courage

Courage is fundamental virtue. It gives power to all the other virtues.

I want peace in my heart

we do not have to look for peace and happiness “out there”, just learn how to get out of own way to connect with what we always have within ourselves.

I’m right

A question I often ask of a group is the following: “What is most important to you, to be right, or to be happy?” People look at me like the question is a “no brainer” as they answer, “to be happy of course!”  I then ask, “how do you behave in your everyday life? The answer is usually accompanied by a smile of realization as they reply, “To be right”. The thing that the ego hates the most is to not be right. So much discord is created by the ego’s need to be right. We are all guilty of this. I certainly am. For example, you are arguing with…

The Euphoria trap

What is happiness? A famous Buddhist  saying  goes like this:  “Happiness  (sukkha)  is  that  which  can  be borne with  ease.  Suffering (dukkha) is that which cannot be borne with ease.”  This is about as simple and direct a definition of happiness as I have found. I have stated on many occasions that one of the greatest causes of unhappiness is the belief that we ought to be happy. Another cause is the effort to create/ we use chasing happiness combined without not knowing what happiness is. The fact is that we cannot create happiness, only the conditions favourable for happiness to arise. Rather like a huerta; with a vegetable garden…