Resistence is futile

What you resist, persists. Resistance is useless. Instead of resisting or avoiding it, we allow a space for the feeling to simply be.

Embrace the pain

The two greatest causes of suffering in our society are: too much thinking, and trying to avoid or escape uncomfortable feelings. Most of you reading this will be familiar with too much thinking and how trying to stop thinking too much by thinking about it, simply increases the amount of thinking. Have you ever found yourself thinking obsessively about how to stop thinking obsessively? Although it is comical, it can make you feel insane. Avoiding uncomfortable feelings is more subtle but equally, if not more damaging. It may be that we have suffered an unspeakable trauma which may involve terrible fear, humiliation, neglect, abandonment, profound shame, bullying.  The feeling is…


Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but rather thinking less about yourself. How to develop it?

Success is built on mistakes

Wisdom can be defined as our capacity to make good decisions. It is also true that our capacity to make good decisions is based on our experience of bad decisions. One of the regrets people voice in end-of- life interviews is not taking a risk, fear of the opinion of others, of looking bad, staying in their comfort zone, instead of striding out and risking failure. To quote from Ghandi: “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” Everyone stumbles; we usually dust ourselves off and start again. Simply watching my young grandchildren learning to walk shows this to be true. They try,…

Don’t get offended

Getting offended is a choice. We cannot avoid inconsiderate or combative people but we can choose how we respond.

Do not judge others

Judging others is something we have all done to boost our self-esteem. It's a waste of time. Focus on yourself.

The joys of cold water

Benefits of bathing in cold water: reduced levels of stress; increased sense of wellbeing and a heightened sense of awareness.