Overcoming unconscious bias

Although we believe we don’t have unconscious biases, studies show that we all have them – often rationalised and justified. How to free ourselves?

Fearless Presence

Learning to be more present with your uncomfortable feelings and emotions without fear will give you more happiness, peace and purpose.

Suffering from unrequited love

When we try to become the person that we believe the other person will love, then we begin to suffer. Your capacity to be in a healthy and loving relationship depends on your ability to love yourself.

Is your locus of control external or internal?

Focus on those things within your control. Focussing your attention and energy on things over which you have no control will result in you feeling unhappy, anxious and depressed - even predisposing you to addiction.

The perfect day

Living in the present moment, the mind calm, being aware of the feeling of thankfulness in your body; fully aware - makes for a perfect day.