Selling drugs is business

Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man

A quote attributed to both Aristotle, the Greek philosopher and St. Francis Xavier a Jesuit Priest

What they meant by that is, if you give me the child I will condition this child in such a way that not only will they come to believe in certain things, rather they will know/feel in their bones that it is the truth, no matter what damage that may cause to the individual, to society, to the world as a whole.  It is not about the greater good but about the acquisition and exercise of power.  Some of you reading this will see this as a good thing; others as a bad thing. The only thing not in doubt is that all of us have been conditioned/manipulated in some way.

Although most people would like to think of us humans as rational beings with emotions, we are in fact emotional beings capable of reason. This is a fact understood and cynically manipulated by the advertising industry to promote whatever they are paid to promote, irrespective of the damage it might cause. This is certainly the case with alcohol.

Selling drugs is an incredibly lucrative business, whatever form that might take:  pharmaceutical (eg. psychotropic, opiates), legal street-drugs (eg. nicotine, alcohol, refined sugar), or illegal street-drugs (eg. heroin, cocaine, marijuana).

The slogan for our consumerist society is “take something”, something we have been conditioned to believe, to see as normal from birth.

Give me the independent child and I will give you the dependent adult.

We are taught to take something to numb the symptoms rather than treat the cause.

The default position in our society is to be alcohol-dependent.  Not to say alcohol, addicted. Addicted/dependent…..semantics; they are essentially the same thing. Not only is alcohol carcinogenic but also identified as the most harmful damaging drug in our society and yet it is still  our prefered anaesthetic .

I have no doubt that the greatest harm caused by alcohol is that we simply cannot be present in our lives. Most harmful of all, we cannot be present for our children, this ensures that the damage that alcohol creates is  intergenerational.

We were born free of alcohol. Before we started to drink, we didn’t need it; we didn’t miss it. In fact, those first drinks usually tasted horrible, but we keep right drinking, usually to fit in socially.

We sacrifice nothing and gain everything when we step out of the “take something” brainwashing and stop drinking. We choose wakefulness over sleep, we become the scriptwriters of our own lives, we give ourselves a real chance to be fully present in our lives, to experience peace in our hearts,  authentic joy and wonder of being alive. Not to mention greater energy, clearer thinking, improved self-esteem, happier more meaningful life and save a small fortune.

Choose aliveness over numbness…




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