Choosing curiosity over fear

Fear is important. Fear is a survival response. It is vital for keeping us safe.

Fear starts in the mind as a thought or a perception of a situation. It rapidly becomes physical, as adrenaline and cortisol are released into our bloodstream. This creates changes which include tachycardia, high blood pressure, sweating, muscle tension, and stops digestion. Our ability to think clearly may be reduced and our ability to make good decisions is compromised.

Fear and its cousin, anxiety keeps us re-hashing the past or worried about the future. It distracts us from the only moment we have, the present moment. As much as you feel like running away, or numbing yourself, if you can acknowledge and embrace your fear, you realize that right now you are okay; you are still alive; your body is working; you are breathing. Your eyes can still see the beautiful infinite blue sky, the calming green of the trees. You can feel the breeze on our face. Your ears can still hear birdsong, music, the voices of your loved ones.

You forget that these feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, are not ‘yours’; they are not personal. They are simply the patterns of the constantly changing conditions of your mind. These feelings arise, exist a while, then disappear. Nothing that comes and goes is you. Remember, you are the thing that watches all of this.

Fear of the fear of the unknown, fear of the different is what keeps us stuck, comfortable but unhappy in a toxic marriage, in a job we hate, in a family which constantly abuses or takes advantage of us.

By choosing compassion over judgment and curiosity over fear, we come to realise that the only thing that we really have to fear is fear itself.

Rather than running away, trying to suppress or using any other type of resistance (remember…what you resist, persists), what we need to do is understand our fear, our anxiety. That means, we watch it, learn about it, come directly into contact with it. We must make friends with our fear and with our anxiety.

When we do this, we connect with the peace, the fullness, the joy that is our natural state.

Wishing you peace, health and happiness from Finca Las Bardas, Cóo



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