I wish I had stopped sooner

The default setting for adults in our society is to be alcohol dependent. Having said that, studies show that more and more people are freeing themselves from this need to consume alcohol. Not because they regard themselves as alcoholics but because they want to live their lives well, to achieve their potential.

Many of you reading this will think of yourself as a “normal drinker”, especially when you compare yourself to your habitual drinking buddies, but at the same time you know that the effect of alcohol in your life is not good, not just because it is carcinogenic or the fact that it is the most damaging drug in our society, but simply because  you do not like the idea of being dependent on anything.  You want to live your life well (for you and your family) and understand intuitively that alcohol simply doesn’t help. You have probably even thought, wondered about stopping drinking. So why not stop?

Ask yourself, what would you do, if every time you ate bananas, you woke up feeling like you had been trampled by a herd of wildebeest, suffered from lapses in memory, a terrible throbbing headache, a taste in your mouth like a cat had taken a shit there, nausea; not forgetting all the money vanished from out of your wallet? My guess is that you would simply stop eating bananas.

So why not with alcohol? It is simply that the brainwashing created by the alcohol industry creates fear. Fear of stopping, fear of carrying on. The effect of this tug of war of fear is that we are left paralysed; many will do nothing until it is too late.

Freedom  and independence from alcohol (the opposite of recovery) is marvellous: more energy, more self-respect; you smell better; you  are more productive; you enjoy better relationships; you have more money; you experience less drama. The most common comment from people who are free and independent of alcohol is, “I wish I had stopped sooner!”

Most importantly – a  sense of peace in your heart and a sense of joy can once again become part of your life.



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