How to save energy

Life is difficult. 

You are probably thinking, “OK, I already know that”.

Here is the important question. What can you do with this information?

You can whine about it, “Life isn’t fair!” you could waste time wishing that life were easier or at least less difficult. When you do this you swim against the tide of reality, but just like sea- swimming against the tide or current, it takes immense amounts of energy to get nowhere and you end up feeling exhausted; and you will probably drown.

When you complain in this way, all of your energy is focussed on things over which you have no power and this puts you firmly in the position of victim, the most stressful and unhappy of life positions.

The second option is that you accept that life is difficult. Paradoxically, once you truly accept the fact that life is indeed difficult, then it simply isn’t so important anymore. In fact, life becomes easier because you reduce or even eliminate the self-generated suffering caused by your resistance. When you focus on those things which you do control: your attitudes, your perceptions, your decisions, and your actions, then you empower yourself; you become a hero rather than a victim.

What is life, but a series of problems? Once you solve one problem, or putting it another way, once you find the jewel of growth, that is the wisdom that the problem contained, then the universe simply sends you another problem, something else to learn. This is growth – frequently uncomfortable but always healthy.  If you fail to solve the problem it means that you are condemned to repeat until you do learn the lesson.

Finding yourself repeatedly in the same situation, facing the same problem over and over again is a good indicator that you are at some level trying to avoid something, usually an uncomfortable feeling.

There are two main sources of suffering in life: the first is too much thinking and the other is trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings. It is what you do a lot of when you are stuck in “repeat mode”. You continually generate repeated and unnecessary self-inflicted suffering.

Humans will go to incredibly dangerous lengths to avoid feelings things they need to feel. Addiction for example can be thought of as the thing you do instead of doing the thing you need to do.

It takes much more energy – emotional, physical and mental – to avoid a difficult feeling than it does to simply face that discomfort and the fear it generates.

Avoidance (whatever form it might take) is simply delaying the inevitable. If you want greater peace and joy then understand that it lies on the other side of what you are trying to avoid.


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