How to find your purpose – your passion

In the last 20 years or so a feeling/perception which has become more common is: “I must find my passion and live it; I must find my purpose in life.” It is this very search and the attitude which drives it which ironically, leaves many people feeling unfulfilled.

This isn’t helped by social media which is full of people pretending to be “living the dream” which, more often than not, is a fantasy. Most spend so much time making videos about living the dream that they have no time to actually live it. A good general rule for dealing with social media is, “don’t believe a single word”. Remember, social media are not there to inform you, or to improve your life but rather to addict you and monetize that addiction.

It is rather like the belief that the point in life is to be happy. It isn’t, but it is the constant search for happiness which ironically takes people further away from happiness. We cannot create happiness, only the conditions which favour the manifestation of happiness in our lives. If we hold happiness loosely without grasping, then we can enjoy it when it arises, accepting that happiness is fleeting and impermanent (just as is unhappiness).

Don’t wait to find your passion or you will go to your grave dissatisfied, still waiting to discover it.  Passion is not a precondition to finding purpose.  Passion usually comes with time. It is the result of work, experience, trial and error. In my experience and the experience of many people with whom I have spoken, finding purpose is often a realisation. They start something that interests them, work at it until one day, perhaps a year or two later, they realise, “Wow I love this. I feel fulfilled doing this. This feels like my purpose”. For many, it is a surprise. It is the outcome/result, rather than a prerequisite.

So what should you do? I recommend that you do something that you think you will enjoy, work at it, give it your best and you will soon discover whether it’s for you. You will discover whether you were in love with the idea of being something rather than the reality of doing that thing. If you mostly enjoy it, feel inspired, feel in tune, have a sense of satisfaction, then you will have realised in the most natural way, your purpose or passion.

Peace health and happiness from Las Bardas.


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