Life and consciousness

What is the most important thing in your experience right now?

It is the fact that you are alive and with the ability to consciously appreciate your experience. That is by far and away the most important aspect. Is it not?

We usually forget this as we run around in a never-ending cycle of frenetic activity, filling the hunger within us with consuming, buying, and doing, doing, doing; grasping onto the things we have labelled good and avoiding the things we have labelled as bad. We complain about the bad weather, how things simply do not meet our rather limited expectations.

We are like demented chickens scratching around in the dirt for seeds and insects. We forget that our birth-right is not the limited, vacuous vision of the chicken but rather the expansive, limitless magical vision of an eagle.

When we live with the vision of the eagle, we are able to not just see, but to experience the relationship of all things with and to all things; we know that we are part of everything and everything is part of us.

An inevitable part of this experience is a welling-up of gratitude, of wonder and awe. We connect to the infinite sea of consciousness both within us and without. In these moments we know that consciousness is the space in which all things arise.

When we raise our heads, when we expand our consciousness, we see that the important thing is not how I might feel at any given moment, nor the judgement as to whether it is good or bad; or believe that I should be having feelings different from the feelings I have right now, or that I should be having thoughts different from the thoughts I have right now. The important and miraculous thing is the experience of life, moment by moment, breath by breath.

The gift is the experience of life, of consciousness and not our rather limited egocentric judgements about what we should or should not be experiencing.

When you wake up in the morning stretch and give thanks for being alive, for being conscious, for your breath and for your experience.

We are never separate from the universe; we are as much part of the universe as a wave is part of the sea, a temporary manifestation until we once again return to the universal sea of consciousness, something we never left, something we can never really leave, only forget.

Contemplate this regularly: I am the universe studying itself, aware of itself, admiring itself.

Connect with your senses, connect with the present moment, the greenness of green, the blueness of blue, the interconnectedness of all things, and our natural state of love.

I wish you peace, health and happiness.

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