Understandable but nevertheless absurd

Sitting in meditation this morning, effortlessly present, uplifted by a sense of awe, of wonder,   seamlessly part of, and deeply connected to all things. The mind is quiet and thoughts, if any, are few − barely formed, fleeting and ephemeral. The ego disappears as do the distortions of perception it produces. There are no edges, no “I and the other”; I am simply consciousness,  love in its purest form, undiluted, luminous, quickening; a vital, vibrating field which touches and includes everything and is everything. My body sits calmly alert, full to bursting with love’s vital energy. A profound sense of gratitude, of great good fortune spontaneously arises suffusing every cell of my body. I am love manifest as are the trees, the grass, the birds, the hills the sky the cows, the moon and the sun.

Everything exists because everything else is as it is. This moment exists because all other moments exist. Form constantly changing, flowing, arising and falling. Each moment is beautiful, unique, miraculous, like waves or ripples on the surface of the sea. The essence… love, like the deep ocean is constant.

The egocentric perception of our lives and the sense of separation (me and the universe/ the rest) it produces, the dullness, is simply a form of sleepwalking.  The belief that man somehow has dominion over all this miraculous splendour seems absurd in the extreme − like two fleas arguing over who owns the dog they both live on.  The grasping and aversion (of which we all do our share) of our shallow consumerist society, our obsession with appearance, with vacuous social media seems puerile, absurd and profoundly ignorant.

Let go, wake up and see!

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