Fearless Presence

Your life is limited by the emotions that you are unwilling to feel. The emotions you don’t want to feel are also the emotions you try to avoid. The emotions you do not want to feel are also the walls you have built to limit what you can and will do with your life.  For example, if you fear feeling rejection, then your relationships will be difficult/unhappy as you try to change yourself, adapt to the other person. This will create anger and resentment, which will eventually make you terribly unhappy and probably lead to the breakup.

Imagine that you want to feel neither rejection nor failure; put simply, you will not do the things that you want to do or know that you should do. You avoid the very things that will bring you happiness, peace, a sense of purpose; to never become the person you were supposed to be.

The very best thing you can do is learn to feel comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Or put another way, learn to cultivate fearless presence. So instead of reacting in the moment, you you start to sense these unconscious autopilot “get me out of here” feelinsg and instead, you choose to be fully present in the moment with open curiosity and a sense kindness to yourself. You choose to be present for whatever might arise, to fully open your heart to the experience − whatever that might be; just be fully present to feel fully the rejection, the failure, the sadness, the anxiety.

Such feelings can be uncomfortable, but they are only feelings. However, these feelings rapidly become suffering when you try to avoid, reject or escape them. Remember, what you resist, persists.

This is why meditation, both formal and informal, is so important. It gives a space, an arena where you can  learn to be fearlessly and fully present for these difficult emotions and sensations, so that you can stay present for whatever might arise in your life, be with it, understand it, integrate it.

By cultivating that attitude of fearless presence in your daily practice and in your everyday life, the emotions that have controlled your life will lose their power and you will be able to live life more freely, more intensely and more authentically.  You will accelerate along the road of self-realisation. Knowing and accepting who you are.

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Wishing you peace health and happiness

With love.

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