The perfect day

Have you ever experienced one of those days where everything is perfect, goes perfectly and feels perfect? Last Sunday was one of those days. Sunday is the day that Rhea and I walk and meditate together. I want to share this with you.

After getting up late (08:00) we breakfasted, all at a leisurely pace. After checking the rising tides we decided to walk along the cliffs at Liencres. I suppose we arrived at about 10:30.

There were people but not too many. The temperature perfect; the gentle sighing breeze bringing with it refreshment. The sun so agreeably warming, bringing life. Being dressed in summer trousers and a cotton shirt feels very comfortable. The colours of the sea – so blue, so green, so white. The infinite clear blue sky raked with high wisps of streaking white clouds. The rumble and crash of the waves at the base of the cliffs, felt more than heard. The distant backdrop of the snow-covered Picos de Europa contrast with the foreground; children frolicking in the sand and the sea; the surfers waiting calmly for the next wave or exhilarated, riding a wave.

Between the mountains and the sea, the emerald green of the fields, hills and pastures.

The gentle pleasure of just being, letting things flow; our intermittent conversations, usually to share an observation or something found, intersperse the loving companionable silence.  There is love here; all is love.

 The cliffs tops and either side of our path, an undulating carpet of flowers – white, yellow, purple, pink. The perfection of the tiny petals contrast with the black and orange of the fat bumble bees as they go about their business.

Other people, couples, groups of friends – some clearly here to exercise, some simply to enjoy the coast, to stroll and chat, yet others with their noses stuck in their mobiles seeing nothing, Each with their story, their suffering, their hopes and their happiness.  Then the dogs – crazy happy, running, chasing, catching, socialising or simply splashing in the waves; pure joy. All these beings sharing this unique moment with us.

Being fully present, the mind almost perfectly still, noticing the immense sense of gratitude which fills every cell of my body, a profound sense of wonder, awareness of my own mortality and the impermanence of all things makes each unique moment more intense, more precious. No past, no future; just this moment. I glory in my senses.

So fortunate to be alive, to be conscious and to know and appreciate that. The miracle of life of existence that we take for granted.

To live consciously in that divine moment when the illusion of separation fades, transforms and the deep interconnection to all things becomes a direct experience.

This Easter get outside and just be.

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