12 months: 12 tips 🌞

Did you know that if you practice something for 21 days it will become a habit.

This year we will continue sharing our recommendations to help you live a healthier and happier life, at peace and most importantly, with a sense of humour 😜


πŸ€—β€¨ With 12 tips which we will develop each month. You can practice them and make them into a habit. (If you already know them you can start them right now if you so wish.)


1. January – how to live with open curiosity, kindness towards yourself and not take ourselves so seriously.Β 

2. February – Meditation – we will help you incorporate meditation into your day. a

3. March – Mindful-Walks – finding moments to enjoy the sun and nature whenever we can.

4. April – Move&Flex – finding physical activities we enjoy like dancing, swimmming or playing…

5. May – Mindful Eating – how to buy, cook and eat more consciously.

6. June – Forgiveness – how to forgive and how to enjoy its benefits.

7. July – Gratitude – We will learn how to be thankful for everything in our lives – the good andΒ  not so good things.

8. August – Feelings – tools to deal with uncomfortable emotions and feelings.

9. September – Toxicity – how to deal with toxic elements in our lives which have been limiting us.

10. Octuber – Laugh – how to use laughter to feel better in any moment.

11. November – Sweet dreams – how to prioritize sleeping well

12. December – The family – We will learn how to deal with family conflicts and create more harmony.



Happy New year

With best wishes, Rhea y Geoffrey.

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