Usually I’m the one (Geoffrey) who writes these posts but today I would like to share something my daughter, Ishtar has written about sadness.

I’m so full of sadness today. It feels like waves against my skin about to break free at any moment to puddle around my feet. It feels real, sometimes solid in my chest until I let it free and it crumbles to dust or to that liquid that makes the waves.  This cycle is repeated over and over again. My days are usually full-on the whole day. I’m always moving, thinking, twitching, tapping my fingers and balancing on the balls of my feet; it’s like having strong winds hitting my face the whole time from all directions. Sad days bring me peace because I suddenly stop and that wind stops, and I get that hot and cold feeling you get on your cheeks when you find shelter from the wind.  Once you accept the sadness and you embrace it; once you let it go through every pore of your skin, it becomes beautiful in its own way. It brings a state of calmness and clarity. It makes a day become full of light and darkness − all in perfect harmony. It lets you feel completely and fully with no boundaries. It helps you love yourself and makes you feel strong and powerful because you accept what most see as weakness. Nobody wants sadness, nobody wants to let it show or embrace it. Lonely sadness is the one that makes the knots in your chest.

How can being strong enough to face your feelings be a sign of weakness?

I share this because I believe that not many people are comfortable with sadness or with feelings that differ from happines. But they are all unique in the same way that they are similar and without some, you can’t have others. And it’s not just okay to have sad days; it’s beautiful.

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