Spring is here and we are reminded once again of the endless cycle of life and death. Each season has its attraction; each has its own beauty, but spring is the time of the quickening − the most joyful and energetic of the seasons. The energy of spring is special. After the little death of winter, flowers suddenly bloom − a carpet of bright colours appearing as if by magic; the busy hungry insects are buzzing; the hard, tight green buds on the trees so full of summer’s promise; the calm infinite clear blue sky dotted now with fluffy clouds; the birds singing for all they’re worth frenetically trying to attract a mate. Wherever you look you will find new life. It is everywhere.

Be kind to yourself and take advantage of this wonderful season. Get out into nature. It does not matter where − the beach, the hills, the countryside, woods, park, garden − wherever you can but get out there. This is nature’s gift to you − this energy, this promise, this connection.

So get out there with an appreciation of the inter-connection of all things. Without those plants and trees there would be no oxygen for you to breathe. Without the insects there would be no pollination and no food. Without the clouds there would no rain, no plants and nothing for you to drink. Everything is truly part of everything else. We divide the world into categories and we forget that these are entirely man-made and imaginary, and often limit both our perception and our experience. Nothing exists in isolation; a thing exists because everything else exists. Feel that connection, the wonder of being part of something so splendid, glorious, fragile and impermanent.

You can do this walking, sitting or even lying down; it really doesn’t matter. Allow yourself to connect fully with your senses. The most important is to connect and allow nature to nurture you. You do not have to do anything; simply be, observe and notice the wind on your face, the feeling of the sun on your body, the smells, the noises, the textures, the temperature, the plants, the insects. Notice also your own body breathing.

In spite of the illusion of separation created by your rational mind/ego, you are also part of everything. You are the universe; even if you have trouble perceiving yourself in that way, it doesn’t change the fact that you are. You are in fact the universe appreciating its own beauty.

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