Not your fault but it is your responsibility

Have you ever asked yourself just how much time and money you waste drinking alcohol?

The time you dedicate to having a good time rather than happiness? For many years I didn’t understand the profound difference between these two states.

Happiness is about moving towards our lives. Drinking alcohol is about moving away from our lives.

Happiness is about being able to handle difficult feelings and find the peace and connection we all have within ourselves. Drinking is about trying to anaesthetise those uncomfortable feelings.

Alcohol is an addictive drug and like any other addictive drug, if you consume it regularly then you become dependent.

Alcohol is fun for the first few years when we first fall into the trap of confusing happiness with having a good time. We continue drinking even when it’s not fun anymore. We even recognise that alcohol has a negative effect but we have been drinking all of our adult lives and we cannot imagine life without it. In fact, the idea of not drinking alcohol can be frightening.  Alcohol seems to help us disconnect, to relieve stress, to socialise. We accept hangovers, impaired performance, the cloth tongue, the physical and mental stress it creates, because we believe that we need it.

A completely independent study in 2008 showed that alcohol is the most damaging drug in our society.

Ask yourself the following question: if you could press a button that allowed you to wake up tomorrow morning feeling as if you never drank alcohol and never miss it, would you press that button?

If you knew then what you know now about alcohol and the impact it would have on your life, would you have taken that first drink?

A recent study showed that before reaching the age of eighteen a person will have been exposed to more than 100,000 examples of misleading alcohol advertising − all of which told us that it is sexy, cool, fun, edgy, tough, manly − all of which are lies, all of which was simply to get you drinking.

Based on this information, your decision to drink alcohol was logical. You never thought that it would create dependence. You are not to blame. Having said that, you are however responsible for living the best life you can for yourself and those who depend on you.

Recent studies show that more and more people are choosing to live a better life without alcohol. You can stop drinking with us and learn the skills to reset your life.

You already know that it’s the right decision.

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