I am the infinite clear blue sky

I am the infinite clear blue sky. I am the space that holds everything. I am both observer and the observed. I am unconditional love. This is my natural state.

How easily and how often I forget this when I am seduced by the illusion of ego. In this moment I feel small, cramped, I feel separate, confused as I lose the perspective of the clear blue sky. I cannot see beyond the weather, the clouds. I become my thoughts. I become my feelings. I rage, complain, fearful of the changing weather. This is suffering.

But then I remember; I come home to the infinite blue sky. I see with a gentle kindness and good humour that my ego is empty − just a story, just thoughts arising without pause. I smile. My heart softens with a sense of gentle kindness toward myself and all who suffer the same illusion. My desire for all beings to be free of suffering and to experience happiness expands. This is compassion.

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