Drinking too much?

Typically before reaching the age of eighteen a youngster will have been exposed to more than 100,000 examples of alcoholic advertising. This tells us that alcohol is fun, sporting, sexy and even good for your health. This contrasts sharply with independent science which shows conclusively that alcohol is a Category 1 carcinogen (WHO/IARC 1988), highly addictive and the most damaging drug in our society (D. Nutt et al 2008). These are facts.

Alcohol creates dependence for anyone who drinks regularly. Many of us will drink unless there is a reason not to; eg. work in the morning, pick up the children, got to drive home. These events act as brakes on our consumption. No one ever decides to become dependent, but given the right set of circumstances, anyone can and will. The lockdown removes many of the restraints that otherwise act as brakes and as one day blends into another, our consumption increases.

If we are sufficiently awake we will have heard the soft but insistent voice of our intuition warning us. Our first reaction is usually to simply rationalise it away: “It’s not such a big deal. Many people drink more than me. I’m a normal drinker. I’ve got it under control.” That is a mistake for which, I guarantee, the price will be much more than you are prepared to pay.

It’s only fear that stops us from taking action – mostly, fear of how life will be without alcohol.

After 18 years free and independent of alcohol, I can tell you that life without alcohol is wonderful – a sense of freedom, more energy, greater sense of wellbeing, better relationships, clearer head, improved memory, no procrastination, much less stress, much less anxiety, more productive and free of drama.

If what I have written resonates with you then get in touch – no obligation. It is a decision that you will never regret. Every enquiry is treated in the strictest confidence and with the greatest of discretion.

You are not to blame, but you are responsible for doing something about it.

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