Top tips for living happily without alcohol

Some facts before we start. Everything I write here is based on independent science by some of the best researchers in the field.

  • Alcoholism is not an incurable disease. 
  • It is a fact that most people who get addicted get free.
  • There is no gene that causes alcoholism.
  • Alcohol is an addictive drug like any other addictive drug. It is a class 1 carcinogen (IARC, WHO 1988) and it the most harmful drug in our society. (D. Nutt et al Lancet 2007)
  • Most people who drink alcohol habitually are addicted. They don’t see it like that. They cannot imagine certain situations without alcohol.
  • Just like the tobacco industry, the alcohol industry needs to create addicts in order to be as large and profitable as possible.
  1. Change your question: Instead of thinking “How am I ever going to stop drinking?” or “How am I going to get free?” Ask yourself; “What makes you believe that I need to keep using a toxic drug for the rest of my life until it destroys everything.
  2. You don’t need alcohol: You were born without it. Before you started you didn’t need it, you didn’t miss it. In fact, the first drink you had probably tasted horrible. Millions of people live happy, meaningful lives without alcohol. You can too! It is a fact: most of the world’s population does not drink alcohol.
  3. There is nothing to sacrifice: Look at what alcohol is doing to you and your life: the anxiety, the lies, the drama, the constant stress, the feeling like shit, the low energy, the slavery, the awful negative way in which alcohol impacts your self-respect. If living without alcohol means being free from of all that then what is the sacrifice? The fact is, there is no sacrifice!
  4. Stop wishing for something that doesn’t exist: Let go of the idea of drinking just a bit or occasionally. There is no such thing, if there was, you would probably not be reading this.
  5. Enjoy: Instead making a drama out of stopping, with all the self-inflicted suffering it brings, choose to rejoice. Choose to enjoy your freedom from the slavery of alcohol addiction.
  6. You are the hero: Remember you are the hero, not the victim. It takes a real hero to wake up, see the truth and act on it. It’s easier to “go along to get along” and pretend nothing is wrong. There will be many around you who would like to free themselves but they have not yet been able overcome their fear.
  7. Choosing your moment: When is the best time to stop using a drug that is destroying you, your life and probably everything you care about? The best time to stop is right away! Choose the earliest date possible. Today would be the ideal!
  8. Acceptance: Your decision has to be unconditional with no reservations, no secret clauses. Accept your decision completely. It will reduce your stress and open the door to new possibilities of growth as a person.
  9. Alcohol withdrawal: that empty feeling that you need to drink will disappear in a few days. If you notice it, see it for what it is: simply your body getting rid of a deadly toxin.
  10. Observe others: Without saying anything, simply observe people drinking. Notice what happens, for example, when the bottle of wine is empty, how anxious people are to get another. Ask yourself if they are having a good time or if they are really happy.


Aside from the empty feeling which we wrongly name “I want a drink”, the vast majority of people suffer no noticeable withdrawal; some have reported a headache. It is always a good idea to tell your doctor that you have stopped drinking. Your doctor cannot stop you drinking but for the very small percentage of people who do have stronger withdrawal symptoms your doctor can ease them. If, for example, you notice that your hands start trembling see your doctor.

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