Your hairstyle or your mind?

Our culture prizes the illusory idea of personal autonomy. This severely limited perception and the behaviour it creates is making us unwell and destroying the planet.

Many people have described the experience of life arising from this idea as the sense of  “doing better, but feeling worse”.

The very best thing that you could do for you, your family, the people close to you and everyone else on this earth is to train your mind and raise your consciousness – experience yourself as more than an insatiably hungry ego.

The fundamental nature of ego is separation.  Ego is also the root of most suffering.

Most members of our society spend more time, money and thought on for example their hairstyle or what car they drive than they do their mind. This is a profoundly absurd situation when you consider that your mind is the only connection you have with the physical universe. Every perception or idea and thus behaviour depends on this relation; it dictates the quality of relationships, your sense of wellbeing. It is fundamental to emotional and physical health. There is not one thing in your life that is not affected by your relationship with your mind, but in spite of this, we would rather think about our hairstyle, our car, how we dress, the things we have and of course, how to get a bit more.

Regular meditation and its related practices allow us to get past the illusion of separation and experience the reality of the deep connectedness of all things – to experience, to know that connectedness has more power to change your perception than any intellectual argument.

You don’t need to have any set of beliefs or belong to an organisation – just a desire to live the best life you can and the willingness to practice.

In the meantime, live life with an attitude of open curiosity, kindness to yourself and others and a sense of humour.

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