The rudiments of happiness

Be present: Most suffering is caused by too much thinking. Choose to be present in your physical life, rather than in the drama of your imagined mental life. “Think less, be more!”

Be kind to yourself and to others: Treat yourself at least as well as you would treat a good friend! Unless we take care of ourselves, we will not be able to take care of others effectively. You could search the whole world, but you will not find anyone who deserves your love and kindness more than you do.

Be grateful: Never lose sight of the mind-boggling miracle, the privilege of being alive, being conscious and being here. Gratitude affects positively our perception. It has the power to transform adversity into opportunity

Be forgiving: In the act of forgiveness the forgiver benefits more than the person being forgiven. Forgiveness means that you can think of the wrong done to you without being carried away by the strong emotions.

If you know how to do these things and you practice them in your life,then you will know that these are the rudiments of happiness. Congratulations! If not, don’t worry because the best news is that all of these life skills can be learned by anyone. I have learned them; so can you.

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