Life is a gift

Our motto is: “Perception is everything”.

Mindfulness is a wonderful way to be more present in your life. However, if you wish to experience real movement, connection then meditation and its associated practices, in my experience, offer the best way.

We can grasp intellectually certain key interesting and attractive ideas, for example: we are all connected; separation is simply an illusion created by the ego; I am part of something much greater; I am a way the universe is able to admire itself; the observer and the observed are the same thing.

Thinking about these things and the intellectual understanding it brings of these concepts, can, in a limited way, alter our perception. We feel like we are moving forwards.

In meditation we experience directly; we move from thinking it might be so, instead we know it is so.

Our hearts become filled with gratitude for the miracle of being alive and conscious. For being part of the boundless scintillating sea of consciousness that is creation.

This perception gives a different, more joyful, spacious, connected and meaningful perception of our lives and the problems we inevitably encounter.

As the saying goes, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. When we experience directly, we “know” and we see “that it’s all small stuff”.

I wish you peace and tranquility in your heart.

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