A word of caution

Now that he has read a few “spirtitual” books he has become an expert on what is wrong with everyone one around him. He shines a merciless spotlight of criticism on his wife, his children, his work colleagues. In a convoluted way he is trying to make himself a hero, to feel superior, by complaining about his victimhood – which is rather like trying to nail jelly to the ceiling – hilarious but impossible.

Conversation is futile whilst he is in his autopilot of protecting/inflating his ego. How does he do this? By complaining… about pretty well everyone and everything around him. A strategy that has brought neither peace nor happiness to anyone. Ever! All this time he continuously pushes away the unwanted realities of himself and his life (ironic as the answers he professes to seek are to be found in those realities), whilst all the time boasting of his search for a higher plane. He loves nothing more than to read about awareness and about being present but lacks the courage to experience it directly and for himself, right here and now.

He is like a book of spiritual quotations: knows everything but understands nothing.

We are all culpable of behaving in this way in spite of our best intentions?  I have certainly done my share and I continue to have my moments!  

The peace he desires in his heart is always right there in front of him, “hiding in plain sight”, if only he could see it.

What a sweet day it will be when he finally gets out of his head. When he can move out of the clouds of his thoughts into the boundless kindness of his heart and the infinite blue sky of his attention.

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