Do good without hate

The news, the internet and social media are full of do-gooders offering and calling for support for groups in society that are suffering. Unfortunately, not only are they busy offering support to the suffering but also busy hating those they believe responsible for that suffering.

This is problematic. If you start to hate in support of a good cause then that good cause turns bad. This is self-righteousness in all its ugliness, feeding nothing but ego.

No one who is happy creates suffering; only the unhappy do this. The fact is that no one is all good, neither all bad. We are like “pinto horses − a unique mix of speckles and patches of dark and light  − good and bad.  That goes for everyone.

We should learn to let go of any need we have to hate and hate no-one. It is not worthy of us.  Instead, we will recognize a truth:

All beings want to be happy and avoid suffering.

And consequently, we will wish all beings well.

In order to find compassion we must acquire the impartiality of open curiosity.

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