The importance of feeling wonder

For me, a vital part of my wellbeing is to experience the sensation of wonder. Wonder gives me perspective; it helps to raise my eyes, my awareness. Instead of scratching around like a chicken in the dust of my ego, the experience wonder is to soar like an eagle. A sense of wonder arises when you step out of your ego, connect with and experience the “bigger picture” – the miracle and mystery of existence. However one chooses to look at it, we are the way the universe understands and appreciates itself.

Science indicates that a little under 14 billion years ago the universe came into existence through the “Big Bang”. That early universe was much simpler, composed of the lighter simpler elements such as hydrogen and helium. Any other element – the iron in your blood, the oxygen you breathe, the carbon in your cells were created in stars and scattered through the universe as they died and exploded. Think about that for a moment: that means that everything that you can feel, imagine, dream, know or think comes from, and is part of the universe. Our consciousness is also a property of the universe.

In our ignorance we confuse who we are with our egos. It is the fundamental nature of ego is to create a sense of separation and disconnection. We forget that we are much more than the ego, that we are we are very much a part of, and connected to the universe. Would the universe be able to appreciate itself with our without our consciousness? The universe has given us two jobs to do: to appreciate it and to relieve suffering through by removing ignorance. Whenever I take time to contemplate this miraculous opportunity, I experience a state of wonder and a deep sense of gratitude.

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