Notes from this morning’s meditation

The mind initially active, begins to settle. A wrong someone has done to me arises in my thoughts and I see that person’s suffering. I breathe in that person’s suffering and as I breathe out a desire for happiness for that person, so the tightness loosens; the thought fades, losing its power. New thoughts arise – planning, a “to do” list, but as they arise so they are released. Thoughts now appear and disappear like ripples on the surface of a lake in a light breeze. As the space between thoughts expands so the ego fades. All that is left is consciousness, the observer at one with the observed. A gentle rain falls, like a tender mist; the drip–dripping of water from the tiles. My dog laying at my side sighs deeply; the cool air on my bare feet. Birds calling, each with their distinct song. A blade of  grass trembles in the gentle breeze. The distant donk donk donk of the cow bells. The brilliant jewels of dew against the intense green of the clover. A dog barks in the distance. A hawk cries out. My abdomen moving in time with my breathing, calm, slow and steady. My chest full to brimming with gratitude. How fortunate to be here now alive, to be conscious, to appreciate!

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