Death and Dying

There are only two things I know for certain in this life: that I will die and that I do not know when.  Whenever I raise this point to groups I am normally met with groans, a roll of the eyes, or “that’s a bit strong”, “that’s a bit depressing”. And yet to live with this reality close to hand is deeply empowering; it allows me to live my life more intensely. It helps me understand what is important and what is not. I can let go of my need to always be right or to be a dick, and instead, be present and connect. Colours are brighter. Everything is clearer, in sharper focus. I feel an immense sense of gratitude for this marvellous life of mine: to be alive, to be able to see and appreciate; love, connection, pain, happiness, sadness – all of it! In all its glory.  What a gift!

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